Updates |  9 November 2019

97.9 DWJLQ-LP Jackson License cancelled and facility deleted by FCC for being off-air for over one year
104.9 WSLY York HD4 and W265BO Meridian, MS flip to Classic Hits as "100.9 Alex FM"

Updates |  5 November 2019

88.7 WMWI Demopolis Updated history
89.1 WLBF Montgomery Updated RDS data
90.7 WVAS Montgomery Updated RDS data
91.5 WSTF Andalusia Added RDS data
92.3 WLWI Montgomery Added RDS data
93.5 WPHH Hope Hull Added RDS data
93.7 WAAO-FM Andalusia Added RDS data
94.1 W231DF Montgomery Updated RDS data
94.3 WQZX Greenville Added RDS data
95.1 WXFX Prattville Added RDS data
95.3 WFFN Coaling Updated RDS data
95.5 W238CE Montgomery Added RDS data
95.7 WKXN Fort Deposit Updated RDS data
96.1 WQKS-FM Montgomery Updated RDS data
97.1 WWMG Millbrook Updated RDS data
97.9 WJLQ-LP Jackson Station reported on air
98.7 WYCT Pensacola, FL HD-2 and W233CM Milton, FL flip to Christmas Music as "Christmas Radio 94.5"; ESPN Pensacola programming moves to HD4 subchannel and W256DL Milton, FL
99.3 W257DS Montgomery Added RDS data
100.1 WDXX Selma Updated RDS data
100.9 WALX Orrville Updated RDS data
101.5 WQJJ-LP Jasper Station reported on air and licensed
101.5 W268BH Montgomery Added RDS data
101.9 WHHY-FM Montgomery Updated RDS data
103.3 WMXS Montgomery Updated RDS data
103.9 W280EI Montgomery Added RDS data
104.3 WHLW Luverne Updated RDS data
104.9 W285AJ Montgomery Added RDS data
105.7 WZHT Troy Updated RDS data
105.9 WRTR Brookwood Updated RDS data
106.1 WSTH-FM Alexander City Updated RDS data
107.1 W296AI Montgomery Added RDS data
107.9 WMRK-FM Shorter Added RDS data

Updates | 30 October 2019

44 WJTC Pensacola, FL Dabl now on .3 subchannel

Updates | 26 October 2019

1240 WJLX Jasper History updated

Updates | 22 October 2019

25 WJMY-CD Tuscaloosa License to cover filed for post-repack RF channel 17 assignment; re-licenses from Demopolis to Tuscaloosa

Updates | 21 October 2019

1400 WFPA Fort Payne Station reported off air due to eviction and tower dismantling

Updates | 20 October 2019

94.5 WSHF-LP Hawk Pride Station reported on air on new frequency, new city of license
95.7 WKXN Fort Deposit Updated website URL (also WKXK Pine Hill & WZKD Montgomery)
68 WABM Birmingham Added Dabl on .4 subchannel

Updates | 16 October 2019

42 WEIQ Mobile Station reported off air due to transmitter failure

Updates | 15 October 2019

1480 WJTW Bridgeport Station confirmed on air // WFLI Chattanooga, TN
105.1 W286DF Ardmore, TN CP: 120 watts from site in Athens, AL // WSLV Ardmore, TN

Updates | 12 October 2019

1480 WJTW Bridgeport Ex-WDXW; station is listed as no longer silent, but current format is unknown
90.5 WKCC Columbus, GA Format flip pending from Family Radio to K-Love; to soon be ex-WFRC
92.9 WBLX Mobile AUX CP: 4.7 kW @ 325 feet HAAT from the WXQW AM tower site in Daphne
97.5 WABD Mobile AUX CP: 4.7 kW @ 325 feet HAAT from the WXQW AM tower site in Daphne
104.1 WDLT Saraland AUX CP: 4.7 kW @ 325 feet HAAT from the WXQW AM tower site in Daphne

Updates |  7 October 2019

95.5 W238CS Clanton CP: 250 watts from site south of Clanton // WKLF Clanton
101.9 W270DQ Gadsden CP MOD: 250 watts from site near Overlook Drive in Gadsden // WAAX Gadsden

Updates |  3 October 2019

98.1 WRMZ-LP Headland Station filed Silent STA in August; removed dead Facebook and website links

Updates |  2 October 2019

1460 WGSY Phenix City Format moves to Hot Adult Contemporary, re-brands as "Mix 94.7"; updated website URL and added Facebook link

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