AM Technical Profile: WSLV

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Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Barely over the Tennessee state line west of Ardmore, south of TN-7, north of State Line Rd and east of Box Factory Rd.

Power (ERP):
Day: 2.5 kW
Critical hours: 1 kW

1 tower

Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files


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The following airchecks were provided courtesy Paul Walker:
[Aircheck] 09-27-2011 commercial break (4'57" - 1.15 MB)
[Aircheck] 09-27-2011 jock banter, forecast by WBRC's J-P Dice, website mention (5'23" - 1.23 MB)
[Aircheck] 09-28-2011 short break, swap shop sampler (22'35" - 5.16 MB)
[Aircheck] 09-28-2011 imaging (50" - 198 Kb)
[Aircheck] 09-28-2011 long jingle (8"- 33 Kb)
[Aircheck] 09-28-2011 sign on as recorded from internet stream (3'56"- 925 Kb)

Owned by Southern Broadcasting LLC

// W286DF Ardmore, TN (actual: Athens, AL)
// W243EP Madison, AL

Came on the air at 1520 kHz with 1 kW days only (500 watts during critical hours) by Stateline Broadcasting at the end of September in 1967 with a pop music format (known then as "Top 100").  Switched to a mix of country and gospel in early 1968 after getting Bobby Powell from WBHP in Huntsville to come be the GM. 

In 1970 the station moved to its present dial position of 1110 kHz, still as a daytimer.  In 1978 the station was sold to E. D. Hildreth, Marie Hildreth and Ike Hobson, as WSLV Incorporated.  In the early 80's, the station received a permit to boost power from 1 kW to 2.5 kW days, with 1 kW during critical hours.

The station was later noted to be all gospel at some point, with a change to a hybrid AC/country mix in 1984.  The owners went under in the mid-80's and by 1987 the license was transferred to Bernie Bishop Broadcasting and Advertising Company, Inc. 

In 1989 the station was bought by Grand Ole Opry performer Ernie Ashworth.  In 2004 the station failed to file a license renewal, but they continued to operate for nearly two years while the license was expired, which resulted in a $7,000 fine.  Ernie owned the station until his death in 2009.  At that point, ownership passed to his daughter Becky Parker. 
In more recent times, the station was known as Cat Country 1110 AM.  It continued to air a country format until sometime in 2014, when it appears to have migrated to a more variety-oriented mix of general music and talk radio programming.  In late January 2017, Parker sold the station to Gary Roberson, doing business as GRA Communications.  The sale price was $70,000.

The station signed on its first FM translator in late May 2018, on 105.1 MHz.  That same month, the license was transferred to Russell Leonard from GRA Communications, LLC, as the company was dissolved and Leonard was the sole remaining member.  In July 2019, the translator applied for a move to Athens, and that move was granted in October 2019. That year, the station marketed itself as "Cat Country 1110 AM / 105.1".

In mid-November 2019, the station and translator were listed as being sold to Southern Radio Communications (Southern Broadcasting Communications) for $120,000.  One of the principals of that company is Mike Brandt, who part-owns stations in Florence and Tennessee.

The station re-branded as "Outlaw 105.1" in April 2020, and tweaked the music to a variety of Country hits from the 90's to today.  In November 2020 the license was transferred to Southern Broadcasting, LLC.

In April 2021 it was noted that the station had entered the Huntsville market with an FM translator on 96.5, while the 105.1 translator moved from Ardmore to Athens, leaving Ardmore itself with no FM outlet for the station.  It also re-branded as "Huntsville's New Country and The Legends".  That either never launched or the station quickly rebranded back to Outlaw, this time as "Outlaw 96.5" for the translator in Huntsville.

In late April 2024 the station applied to move the 105.1 MHz translator back from Athens to Ardmore.