Low Power Digital Television listings for Alabama

This page includes all the licensed low power analog television stations in the state of Alabama, sorted by RF channel number.  Due to the increasing conversion of stations to digital broadcasting, many of these listings may be inaccurate or contain outdated information.  This listing will remain mostly for historical purposes to reflect the last few stations to knowingly make the switch to LDTV from LPTV broadcasting.  Some stations may have existing construction permits, but they will not be listed here like on other statewide pages.  Instead, click the FCC or FCCdata.org links for more application information.

RF Ch.: This is the actual, physical channel the station broadcasts on.

Call Sign: The station's call sign, including any suffixes. -LP simply refers to a low power analog broadcast. Not all analog low power stations have this suffix, though.  -CA refers to Class A stations, which have more protection than regular LPTV stations, in exchange for providing some local and children's programming and having EAS capabilities.  They cannot be displaced if a full power station changes channels.  For stations with a companion digital license, application or permit the new call sign and RF channel assignment are listed underneath the call sign, in italics.

City of License: The city or town the station is licensed to. If a station's transmitter is located far away or primarily serves a much larger city nearby, that will be listed in parenthesis next to the licensed city.

ERP: The Effective Radiated Power of the station's transmitter, in watts. VHF stations can run up to 3,000 watts; UHF stations up to 150,000 watts.

Programming: What each channel or subchannel carries, with links to network websites if available.

Data & History: A (+) links to an FCC-created coverage map. (Directional) means it uses a directional antenna. Links to the FCC and FCCdata.org are also provided for easy access to more information, including directional antenna patterns.  CP indicates the station has a construction permit.  Data for that is shown in purple. If a station is off the air for some reason, it will be noted here as Silent.  If a station is known for sure to have changed to digital broadcasting, the words Flash Cut will be shown, regardless of which RF channel the digital station is on. 

For more information each station, follow the data link, if one is available.  If you would like to contribute or correct historical or other information, drop an e-mail to webmaster@almediapage.info.  Thanks!

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RF Ch.
City of License
Data & History

// W47EI-D

> WKNI-LD (RF 35)
Andalusia 19,200 FamilyNet, YouToo America [FCC]

> WNAL-LD (RF 31)
Scottsboro 11,100 - [FCC]

30 W30BD
> W30BD (RF 47)
Eufaula 1,000 TBN [FCC]

> WWHL-LD (RF 31)
Decatur 11,300 - [FCC]

> WBMG-LD (RF 38)
Moody 30,900 - [FCC]

38 W38EI
> W38EI-D (RF 38)
Sylacauga 5,500 - [FCC]

46 W46CF Tuscumbia 23,400 Local, Religious

50 W50BO
> W32FG-D (RF 32)
Ashville 24,600 Religious [FCC]

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