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  Welcome to the Alabama Broadcast Media Page. This is the web's most up to date and comprehensive listing of Alabama radio and television stations.


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Station History:

  The history sections for many of the radio and TV stations in the state have been constantly expanding recently thanks to the help of fine folk like Alex Bowab, Stray Kats, Major Logan and Tom from Huntsville. There's always room for your tidbits and trivia -- so send them in using the feedback form!


  The listings within this site cover all AM, FM and TV stations within the state of Alabama. There are also some special sections:

Birmingham - Lists any station that puts a decent signal into the metropolitan area.

Mobile - Lists stations all along the Gulf Coast:  the Mobile-Pensacola and Biloxi markets are included, as are some other stations which put a signal into all or parts of the coastal area.

Columbus - Lists most stations that put a good signal into the area, which includes Phenix City, Alabama.

Finally, for those of you who enjoy FM radio on the road, or are serious about FM DXing: FM Atlas, by Bruce F. Elving. It's the serious tool for FM listening or DXing. It's updated yearly and it's only $16.95. This book is available through order at many bookstores, or you can get it direct from the author. Write:
FM Atlas
Esko, MN

Digital TV - Information provided by the FCC on the new digital television allocations for Alabama's existing TV stations.

Media Links - Various links to sites that help you find information about radio and TV stations; includes links to the official FCC search pages.

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