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The Federal Communications Commission
Everything you wanted to know about your favorite Federal branch can be found on the FCC's comprehensive web site. Reams of information on daily actions and petitions, proposed rules changes and much more. The Audio Services Division has FM and AM search engines which are lightning fast. The Video Services Division has the TV search engine.
Elliot Broadcasting Service's Radiostation.com
A pretty cool site. They feature the FCC's applications and actions of the past five days, and they're even updated every weekday! The page also features a nice search engine for FM and AM stations, and it's the only search engine I know of which allows you to search by keywords (handy for looking up all stations owned by a single company.) Finally, the best part is that the web page has picked up Kodis' Broadcast Station Location search engine, which is very awesome. It allows you to search for AM, FM and TV stations within a radius, handy for finding all the local stations within a certain range from your city. To top it all off, the Kodis page also shows you the antenna patterns of directional antennae.
USA TV Online
The name is pretty self-explanatory. An excellent, up-to-date page that covers the entire USA, including parts of Mexico and Canada.
The name could use a little work and the search engine is finicky, but this can be a great resource for people who wonder if they qualify for a network television waiver under the Satellite Home Viewer Act.
Another FM AM TV Search Page
Just another page. Not the fastest, but not the slowest. A direct copy of the Kodis page now hosted by Elliot, above.
Tiger Map Server Browser
The government run public domain map server. It's usually quite fast and has lots of features you can customize. This is the service many pages (including ABMP) use to show locations of various objects.
Airwaves FCC Database Search
This page is pretty nice. It allows searches by latitude and longitude, among other ways. The FM page can include/exclude translators when searching on FM.
Low Power Broadcasting
Some interesting information about this illegal yet interesting hobby.
The AM Stereo Master List
A big ol' list of stations broadcasting in stereo. Updates are pretty spotty but it's a good list nonetheless.
RDS Forum
A UK based site, but it has some good information on the technical stuff behind RDS/RDBS.
"The web resource for radio hobbyists." Pretty cool page if you're into the DXing thing.
Radio Digest Atlanta
It's a mighty big market (#11) and this site keeps you up to date with the latest happenings in the Atlanta radio world. It also has a nice listing of the AM and FM stations in the market.
Atlanta Area Radio
Not just a dial listing for Atlanta AM and FM, but also some absolutely wonderful histories!
"The broadcast industry's home page." Full of adverts and somewhat confusing, but a nice site if you're really into the technical side of the industry.
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