FM Technical Profile: WZZK

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Station Name/Slogan:
104.7 WZZK, Today's New Country And Your Familiar Favorites
Contemporary Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Off Golden Crest Drive, atop Red Mountain.
Power (ERP):
97.8 kW
ERP with beam tile: 100 kW
Antenna HAAT:
1299 feet.
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
104.7 WZZK song title/artist
WZZK Alabama's Best Country (song/artist)
HD-2: Contemporary Christian "Air1"
// W271BN Birmingham
PS-Air1 (song) (artist)

(artist) (song) Air1
Top 40
More Information:
[Article] story on the Rick & Bubba Show's 20th Anniversary in 2014.
[Image] RDS display from an Insignia HD portable in the Florence area.
From May 2017.
[Image] Display from a Polk HD radio showing the HD-1 PAD data.
[Image] HD PAD data from an Insignia HD portable for the main channel. 
[Image] HD PAD data from an Insignia HD portable for the HD-2 channel carrying the Air1 format.  From May 2017.
[Studio] Street View imagery of the building housing the SummitMedia studios off Highway 280 in Hoover.
J. S. Kelly, LLC
This station goes back to the early days of FM as WJLN, the FM simulcast of counterpart of WJLD 1400 AM. This was Birmingham's first AoR station, back in the 70's. The station played whole albums! Their slogan was  "WJLN plays the albums". Then WZZK,  "Country Sunshine on FM 105" was born.  In the mid-90's the station was sold by Newcap Broadcasting to Cox Radio out of Atlanta.

Once the market-leading station overall, this station has suffered in the ratings due to the fresh sound of the competition, who snagged the Patti and "Dollar" Bill Lawson morning show. They debuted a revamped effort of new personalities the second week of January 2006, complete with billboards showing their traditional orange and black billboard ad, only upside-down, in an attempt to regain their spot as a leading country station in the market.  In October of 2015 it was reported that this station began HD digital broadcasts, with no sub-channels.  The HD-2 appears to have debuted in mid-March 2016, relaying 1320 WENN and the "Easy 102.1" soft AC format.
WZZK has been the flagship station for the popular Rick & Bubba Show on radio since January, 2007.  The show had previously been heard on Citadel Broadcasting's WYSF ("Y 94.5") going back to 1999, when the show first moved to Birmingham from Gadsden.  At the time the show moved to this station, all three major broadcasting companies bid for the show, with Citadel offering $2.2 million a year to stay at WYSF, but the Cox offer was for more, and at the time the largest compensation package ever given to a radio program in the state of Alabama.  Prior to their move to Birmingham, Rick and Bubba's longtime home was "Q 104" WQEN in Gadsden, going back to 1992.  (Oddly, WQEN itself would also move to Birmingham in 2005.)  In 2013, Cox sold the Birmingham stations, including WZZK, to SummitMedia.
Summit installed HD in 2016 and began relaying the soft adult contemporary "Easy 102.1" format that was on WENN AM on the HD2 subchannel.  In early May 2017 that went away, replaced by Educational Media Foundation's Air1 contemporary Christian music format, which also began to air on the 102.1 MHz translator.