FM Technical Profile: DWYDK

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Station Name:
Rewind 97.9
Classic Hits
Transmitter Location:
[map] On the west side of Old Batesville Road, northwest off Fox Ridge Road.  Northwest of Eufaula and west of US-82.
Power (ERP):
6 kW
Antenna HAAT:
328 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
More Information:
[Article] Eufalua Tribune article about the return of WYDK and WULA.
[Studios] Street View imagery of the station's studio space on Highway 431 in Eufaula.
JDK Radio
This station started off as a 3 kW class A, with a Construction Permit issued to Devaughn and Mary Toole of Eufaula, who operated as WDMT, Inc.  The station signed on in July 1992 with a mix of Adult Contemporary and Oldies music.  The license was transferred to Renegade Broadcasting in 1998 for $200,000, who became River Valley Media, LLC, a month after buying the station. 

The call sign changed to WRVX in 2001.  By 2003, the station was doing a Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) / Urban mix, but by 2005 the station was using the Jones Satellite Network for a Variety Hits format.  The license was assigned to Big Fish Broadcasting, LLC, in 2007. 

The station was reported silent in 2011.  The Tom Taylor on Radio-Info newsletter reported in June 2011 that the station was being transferred between Big Fish Broadcasting and Sounds Ideas LLC, both owned by Stanley Griffin, to avoid foreclosure. In August 2011 the calls changed from WRDX to WYDK.  The sale went through the FCC in December 2011.  The station is presumably on the air as of February 2012, with an Oldies format as "Dock 97.9". 

In 2016, Sound Ideas entered into a purchase agreement to Daystar Media Group.  In April 2016, the station changed from oldies "97.9 The Dock" to "Mix 98" with a Variety Hits mix from the 60's through the 80's.  There is also Gospel/Christian programming on Sundays.  The station returned to broadcasting in stereo in April 2016 as well, although by early September, the station was silent again due to the loss of the time brokerage agreement in place.  The station remained off air until August 2017, when it came back on briefly to keep the license from expiring.  It went silent again in the fall of 2017 and remained off air until August 2018.  The station stayed on for another month and then went silent again in September 2018.

The FCC levied a fine of $12,000 against the station in December 2012, for multiple violations of FCC rules.  The Commission originally received a complaint that a contest from 2016 ended prematurely, and the prize was kept for a station employee.  During the investigation, they learned that Sound Ideas failed to properly file a license transfer to Daystar.

The station, along with sister station WULA, was sold by Sound Ideas LLC to Jeff Kierce's JDK Radio for $150,000. 

The station returned to the air in late June 2019, after extensive repairs to the transmitter and studios, relaunching with Classic Hits as "Rewind 97.9".

A Silent Notification with the FCC was filed in April 2021, citing lightning damage to the transmitter as the reason for being off the air.

In October 2022, the station's license was cancelled by the FCC after it remained off the air for over a year.