TV Technical Profile: WXVO-LD

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7.1 - Antenna TV
7.2 - Grit TV

7.3 - SonLife
7.4 - Stadium

7.5 - Court TV
7.6 - ION Mystery
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Roughly halfway between Vancleave and I-10 on MS-57, near Gautier-Vancleave Road.
Power (ERP):
3 kW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
492 feet
Other Information:

[Article] Story about the station adding the only all-news channel available to off-air viewers on the Gulf Coast.
Owned By:
Weathervision 7, LLC
This station started off in analog on channel 7 in 1992, as W07DG, serving Moss Point and Pascagoula with community programming.  In October of 2002 the call sign changed to WKFK-LP; the calls were changed to WKFK-LD in 2009 when the station flash cut to digital on the same RF channel.  In 2010, Hattiesburg's WDAM vacated its digital channel 28 to return to its old analog channel, 7, which forced WKFK to move to a new channel, 13.  That facility went on the air in 2011. 
Over the years the station has carried several different networks on its subchannels, including AMG TV, YouToo America, Cozi TV and America One.
In August 2016, the license was transferred from NCN Cable Advertising (Francis S. Smith) to Weathervision 7, LLC.  In September they changed the calls from WKFK to WXVO-LD.  The station started losing channels in the fall of 2016; first Retro TV and Heartland went blank, then more followed towards the end of the October.  The station was then reported to be airing 4 blank channels as of November 2016, with only Antenna TV remaining, although that soon changed to Antenna TV (duplicated) and This TV.  The lineup eventually morphed (as of January 2017) to Antenna TV, This TV and a dedicated news channel that carries France 24 news in English, the only station on the coast offering an all-news channel to over-the-air viewers.  The station's slogan is now "Ocean 7", too.

The station picked up the newly-relaunched CourtTV in May 2019, and added the CourtTV Mystery channel in 2020.  In February 2022, CourtTV Mystery rebranded as ION Mystery after Scripps acquired the ION networks.