AM Technical Profile: WXKD

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Urban Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] Located just east of the town of Luverne, between US-29 and Glenwood Road.  Near the intersection of North Franklin Road and W Road.
Power (ERP):
Day: 450 watts
Critical Hours: 450 watts
1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
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Owned by Autaugaville Radio

// WKXK Pine Hill
// WKXN Fort Deposit
// W231DF Montgomery
// W296DZ Troy
// WZKD Montgomery
This station was originally on 1510, but moved to 930 for more daytime coverage. Before the calls changed to WEZZ in July 2007, this was WYNI.  The station had a pending application in 2007/8 for a move to the New Orleans suburb of Harahan, with an 11kW directional daytime-only signal on 1190 kHz.  It is being reported that this station has been off the air since being purchased by Brantley Broadcast Associates.
The application to move to Harahan never came to fruition, and a construction permit popped up in April 2009 for the station to move to 920 kHz, with a move to Brantley, Alabama. The transmitter site is just east of Luverne and is the (for now) current home of WAOQ; the permit shows just 450 watts day and critical hours.  As part of this move, FM station WAOQ, licensed to Brantley, will move to Troy, licensed to the community of Goshen.  For THAT to happen, FM outlet WGZZ currently licensed to Dadeville will drop their request to relicense to Waverly on 100.3 MHz, and instead re-license to Waverly but on 94.3 MHz.  As of 2008, WAOQ has a permit to move to Goshen; WGZZ made its change in April 2010. The construction permit for WEZZ to move to 920 was published in the Federal Register in February 2014. The WAOQ permit to move to Goshen expired in 2012 and a new one was applied for in May of 2015.  Perhaps one day, before we all die and meet our maker, this station may actually move to Brantley and return to the air.  The station has been on the FCC's silent list since February 2015.  
Is it the end times?  A filing in February 2016 for a license to cover indicates that this station is, at long last, finally on the air on 920 kHz from the Luverne transmitter site.  For how long, though, is anyone's guess.  Format is not known at this time, but the last known format before all the eons of silence was talk.  The license to cover was finally granted in May 2017.

The station was granted a construction permit for a new FM translator companion in April 2018, and it filed a license to cover in May 2018.  Two months later in July, it was granted a minor modification to move down one channel to 106.3 MHz, and boost power to 250 watts.

In the spring of 2020, the station changed calls from WEZZ to WXKD and joined "The Big K-D" network of Urban Contemporary stations run by Roscoe Miller. Shortly after the format change, a sale of this station and its translator in Troy was announced to Miller's Autaugaville Radio for $50,000.

The station was fined $4,500 for failing to timely renew their license in the summer of 2021.