AM Technical Profile: WWTM

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1390 (CP)
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Off Finley Drive NW, near the railroad tracks.
[map] Approximately 3,000 feet east of Segers Road, north of Old Highway 20, next to 84 Lumber, in Madison.
Power (ERP):
1 kW
270 watts Daytime only
1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
[Studio] Google Street View of the studios on Danville Road SW in Decatur, behind a convenience store.
// W232DL Decatur, AL
// W247AT Huntsville, AL (CP)
Owned by Brantley Broadcast Associates
This station came on the air in 1935 with 250 watts at 1400 kHz as WMSL by the Tennessee Valley Broadcasting Company.  The calls stood for the true owner, Mutual State Life Insurance. The station later spawned WMSL-FM in 1950 (later WVNN-FM) and WMSL-TV (now WAFF). 

New Decatur Radio bought the station in September 1971.  It's unknown what the format of the station was early on, but by the mid-70's it was Top 40, and had increased power to 1 kW during the day. 

The station stuck with contemporary pop music until the early 80's, when FM finally became dominant.  The station flipped around '81-'82 to a Middle of the Road (MOR) music format, but it only lasted a few years before they gave Top 40/CHR another go. 
According to the NAB, in 1985 the station was broadcasting in stereo using the Harris system.  The stab at pop music failed, and in 1986 the station was sold to R&B Communications for $228,000.  They changed the calls to WAVD and flipped the format to Contemporary Christian music.

Through the 90's, R&B tried their hand at Adult Contemporary, then Oldies, then towards the end of the decade Talk and Sports.  The calls changed to WWTM in June 2001.  The station went all-sports with ESPN network programming in 2003 and upgraded to 1 kW day and night around this time.

The station failed to renew their license in 2004, and the FCC deleted the license in March 2005.  The station came back with a series of Special Temporary Authorities to stay online through 2007, when the license was finally re-instated.

In January 2018, the station received a permit to construct a new FM translator on 94.3 MHz in Decatur.  It signed on in the fall of 2018.

The station received a construction permit in May 2018 to relocate to 1390 kHz, with just 270 watts of power, days only.  A month later, the station was sold by R&B Communications to Brantley Broadcast Associates for $117,000.  In July, Cameron Reynolds bought translator W247AT and its Construction Permit to move to Huntsville, for $50,000, and changed the parent station to WWTM.  That same month, he also bought translator W243AP Mooresville, which also has a permit to move to Huntsville, and changed its parent station from WJAB-HD2 to WWTM as well. That translator's license was cancelled by the FCC in December 2018 when it was discovered that it had been off the air for more than 12 consecutive months.