FM Technical Profile: WTXT

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Station Name:
98 TXT
Contemporary Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] [bird's eye] 5 miles east of Pickens / Tuscaloosa county line, 3 miles north of US 82, east of Boyd Rd.
Power (ERP):
100 kW
Antenna HAAT:
899 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
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981txt song/artist
Metro Traffic
AUX: 600 watts @ 233 feet. 60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.

HD-2: Southern Gospel "96.1 The Blessing"
// W241BT Tuscaloosa, AL
HD-3: Country
// W221DB Tuscaloosa, AL
We've gone Country! The all new 92.1 The Possum
How's the Signal?
Signal is average over almost all of Jefferson and Shelby counties. Can be received well in Tuscaloosa and Columbus, MS.
More Information:
[Facebook] For 98 TXT
[Facebook] For "96.1 The Blessing"
[Facebook] For Madison & Shepard morning show on 92.1 The Possum
[Facebook] For 92.1 The Possum
[Image] A view of the WTXT tower in rural Tuscaloosa County near Echola before it was felled during the April 2011 tornado outbreak
[Image] A picture of the RDS data on an Insignia portable radio in northwest Alabama, showing the Radio Text and PI (call sign) fields, from June 2017.
[Studio] Street View imagery of the iHeartMedia studios in downtown Tuscaloosa.
Originally licensed to Fayette, this station had the calls WHKW (Hardold Kenneth Watts, owner) and was targeted to the Starkville-Columbus, MS area as a top 40 in the early 80's. That changed when a couple of area stations all moved to the top 40 format. The station moved to a tower northwest of Northport to better target Tuscaloosa, they switched to country and changed calls to WTXT.
The TXT tower in rural Tuscaloosa county was felled on April 27 2011 by the line of storms and tornadoes that ravaged the state on that day.  The station used the above-listed auxiliary site as a backup until their rebuilt facility was signed on in the late summer of 2012.  The station added HD digital broadcasts after the new tower was built; around that time two area translators were updated to show they would be relaying HD subchannel content from this station.  The first to debut was "96.1 The Blessing", with a southern gospel format from the Singing News Radio service, in early January 2016.  The HD-2 and translator are leased by TTI, Inc., who run classic hits WJRD in town.

In late August 2019, permits were granted for both of the translators associated with this station's HD subchannels.  Both translators were leaving the Jug Factory Road tower that all the TTI, Inc. translators had been using, for one in Holt that had been previously used for the translator for WMHZ.