FM Technical Profile: WTUG

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Station Name:
Urban Adult Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] [bird's eye] Between Moundville and Tuscaloosa off Alabama 69. Near the Center Cemetery, off Jones Camp Road, just south of CR-1 (Rosser Road). Co-located with WJMY-CD and WFFN.
Power (ERP):
100 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
981 feet.
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
HD-2: Sports Talk "Tide 100.9"
// W265CG Tuscaloosa
HD-3: Soft Oldies "97.5 MeTV-FM"
// W248BO Tuscaloosa
HD-4: Classic Rock "Rock 016.3"
// W267CZ Tuscaloosa
// W292DU Tuscaloosa
// WMHZ Holt
[satellite dishes] dishes at the base of the tower site
[tower] a view of the tower holding WTUG, WFFN and W46BU in rural Tuscaloosa county
[tower] the tower base with information on the TBN-owned LPTV station W46BU
How's the Signal?
Signal is good over most all of Jefferson and Shelby counties. Weakest east of downtown Birmingham, signal fades quickly going east on I-20 or north on I-59.
More Information:
[Facebook] For WTUG
[Facebook] For Tide 100.9
[Facebook] For Nick 97.5
[Studio] Street View imagery of the Townsquare Media stations in Tuscaloosa, off Skyland Boulevard.
Townsquare Media
Radio South, Inc., owners of AM station WTUG on 790 kHz, was granted a construction permit for a new FM station in September 1977.  After an extension and some technical changes, the station signed on in early 1979 on 92.7 MHz, with 3 kW from an antenna located on at the current site listed above.  The studios were at 142 Skyland Boulevard, where they remain to this day.  When the station signed on, it simulcast the AM part-time.  The station has always had a black-oriented format, carrying the AM's Urban Adult Contemporary torch for a while, then doing straight-up Urban Contemporary before settling back to Urban Adult Contemporary when the AM went to a religious format.

The station received a permit to increase power to 100 kW in 1991 from the existing tower site, and that signed on at the end of 1991.  During this era, the station's slogan was "Power 93 T-U-G".

Radio South eventually morphed into Apex Broadcasting.  Apex sold their Tuscaloosa cluster of six stations to Citadel in 2005.  Citadel sold the cluster to Townsquare Media in the spring of 2012.

In the summer of 2018, the station started broadcasting in HD, with a subchannel rebroadcasting Sports Talk station WNPT-FM.  The HD-2 channel was being used to feed a translator in town for better coverage from the rimshot in Marion.  Townsquare launched a Classic Hits format in mid-December 2018 on the HD-3 channel, feeding a translator as "Nick 97.5" after Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

It was observed in June 2021 that the HD-4 had switched from airing Nick 97.5 (which was already on the HD-3) to a simulcast of the Holt-licensed AM and translator Classic Rock "Rock 106.3" WMHZ.

In late January 2022, Townsquare dropped the Classic Hits "Nick 97.5" format for Soft Oldies "MeTV-FM".  The MeTV FM format originated in Chicago from the MeTV OTA retro TV channel.