FM Technical Profile: WSMX

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Station Name:
Super Mix 100.3


Classic Country, Classic Hits

Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] US-29, about a mile west of the CR-1 intersection, west of Troy.

Power (ERP):
6 kW


Antenna HAAT:
282 feet

Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.

More Information:



International J A D E Group

This facility dates back to an application in 1994 for a new station in the Luverne-Brantley area south of Montgomery.  Licensed at the time to Brantley Broadcast Associates, it signed on in late 1999, dishing up a Country music entrée served with a side of swap shop and Gospel music.  The station was part of a chain of changes that kicked off in the 2000's that involved WGZZ in Dadeville moving to Waverly and leaving 100.3 MHz for 94.3 MHz; that was followed by long silent AM 930 WEZZ in Monroeville moving to Brantley and signing back on at 920 kHz.  WAOQ then received a permit to re-license to Goshen and move to a site that would allow the station to serve the city of Troy.  Brantley Broadcast Associates assigned the license to one of their partners, Alatron, who in turn sold the station to J&W Communications in February, 2015.  It took approximately eight years for the permit for the move to Troy to finally be issued, in February 2016.   The call sign changed from WAOQ to WSMX in July 2016, although it appears it has not affected the branding at all.  The station finally filed for a license to cover from the Goshen facility in mid-September 2016, ending the decade-plus long plan to move a bunch of stations around in south-central Alabama.  The branding also finally updated to "Super Mix 100.3", with a move from Country and Gospel to Classic Country and Classic Pop hits.

It's also worth noting that this is the second station in Alabama with the WSMX calls… WSMX-LP in Clanton is also known as "Super Mix" but plays more pop and current music.  It's owned by the Chilton County Board of Education, but the contact at the station — Chris Johnson — the same one associated with J&W Communications, as well as Reynolds Technical Associates, who owned the station before (under Brantley Broadcast Associates, a shell company of theirs.)

At the start of December 2023 it was announced that J&W Communications was selling the station to International JADE Group for $225,000. The buyer previously purchased WBIB in Centreville a few months prior.  The application was dismissed that same month by the FCC, but was refiled in late February 2024.