AM Technical Profile: WSHF

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Transmitter Location:
Power (ERP):
Day:  1 kW
Day: 1 tower
Other Information:
This was a a very short lived station put on the air by Dick Biddle (as Daylight Broadcasting), probably in 1950 and lasting no longer than 1957.  Biddle was required to turn in the license to this station in order to acquire and start up WOWL-TV, which debuted in 1957.  The FCC rules of the time did not allow for one person to own a radio and a TV station in the same market.  It's unknown for how long the station operated, if at all, and what format it might have had.  The 1952 Broadcasting Yearbook has no information on the station and lists it as a 1 kW daytimer with a construction permit.