AM Technical Profile: WQGC573

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Road and traffic conditions
Transmitter Location:
I-65 Northbound rest area, mile marker 132, near Greenville in Butler County.
I-65 Northbound at mile post 187.7, near Prattville in Autauga County.
I-65 Southbound at mile post 180.8, near Prattville in Elmore County.

I-65 Northbound at mile post 167 in Montgomery city.
I-85 Southbound at mile post 6, at US-80 in Montgomery County.
Power (ERP):
10 watts
monopole; omnidirectional
Other Information:
License first issued in 2006 for multiple transmitters forming a network across the metro Montgomery area.  May only be used during traffic alerts or inclement weather.

Information for TIS facilities is provided by the Land Mobile Branch of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and not the Mass Media division.  A ULS (universal licensing system) lookup can be performed by clicking on the callsign above.