AM Technical Profile: WQFX

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Transmitter Location:
[map] Near the northeast edge of the Gulfport Naval C.B. Center, between 39th and 34th Avenues.
Power (ERP):
Day: 1 kW
Day: 1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
// W254DJ Gulfport, MS
Owned by Walking By Faith Ministries, Inc.
An original construction permit for this station was first issued in May of 1974 to Robert Barber, George Sliman and F. M. Smith, under the name of Gulf Broadcasting Company.  The station debuted with country music in June of '76 as WGUF (GUlFport), with 500 watts as a daytimer.  The studios were originally at 1505 24th Avenue in Gulfport while the transmitter was at 2200 15th Street.  The transmitter was a Gates BC-1F. 

In 1977, the station spawned an FM companion, WGUF-FM on 96.7 MHz.

In 1981 the transmitter site was permitted to move to 39th Avenue and 34th Street in Gulfport.  The station was acquired by Caravelle Broadcasting Group of Mississippi in November 1984.  On 1 January 1985 the station flipped to an all-news format and changed called to WAIZ.  The format only lasted a short time, and on 1 January 1986 the station changed calls to WQFX and went back to country music after being bought by Steere Broadcasting. 

The station was bought by Bleu Bayou Broadcasting for $47,500 in 1991; by this time the station was simulcasting its sister station's urban contemporary format.  The station was sold again in 1994 to Walking By Faith Ministries, who flipped the format to the current "Power Gospel" format.

The station upgraded to 1 kW, still as a daytimer, in 2001.  They acquired an FM translator and put it on the air in May 2018.