AM Technical Profile: WQFS424

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Traffic and road conditions
Transmitter Location:
I-65 at mile marker 22, Creola in Mobile County.
US-98 at University Loop, Mobile in Mobile County.
I-10 Eastbound near Carol Plantation Road, Theodore in Mobile County.
I-65 exit 31 Northbound ramp, Bay Minette in Baldwin County.
I-10 Eastbound at mile post 47.4, Loxley in Baldwin County.
29750 Larry Dee Cawyer Drive, Daphne in Baldwin County.
51 Water Street, Mobile in Mobile County.
Power (ERP):
10 watts
monopole; omnidirectional
Other Information:
License issued in 2006 but appears to have come on the air in 2008 or 2009 one at a time across the region. Plays a continuous recorded loop even when there are no traffic or weather conditions to report.  See also WQES975, the last two transmitters listed above, also on 1630 kHz as fill-ins.

Information for TIS facilities is provided by the Land Mobile Branch of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and not the Mass Media division.  A ULS (universal licensing system) lookup can be performed by clicking on the callsign above.