AM Technical Profile: WQBX883

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City of Leeds traffic and information station
Transmitter Location:
6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Leeds, AL.  Near I-20 and US-78.
Power (ERP):
10 watts
monopole; omnidirectional
Other Information:
A low power station operated by the city of Leeds to provide traffic and city information to passers-by on I-20, plus information to Barber Motorsports Park and outlet mall area drivers.
A TIS station on this frequency and in this area first came on the air in the late summer or early fall of 2004, running a short loop of information about the city of Leeds and highway construction on I-20, as WPZX365.  That license expired later and was a new one was filed in 2012 with the current facilities, but located on Barber Motorsports Parkway.

In the past, the station was located right in the media of I-20 near the Barber Motorsports exit, where it was destroyed on more than one occasion by people who ran off the road.  It hasn't been reported on the air since about 2012.

Information for TIS facilities is provided by the Land Mobile Branch of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and not the Mass Media division.  A ULS (universal licensing system) lookup can be performed by clicking on the callsign above.