AM Technical Profile: WPZH604

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530, 1670, 1690
Road, traffic and weather information as needed.
Transmitter Location:
No fixed location.  As of October 2015, the station has been located in the Muscle Shoals area in front of Lowe's for information on the O'Neal Bridge detour.
Power (ERP):
10 watts
monopole; omnidirectional
Other Information:
Owned by ALDOT
[Article] Article from Huntsville TV station WHNT discussing the station's broadcasts in Muscle Shoals.
[Image] Picture of the portable transmitter deployed in the Florence, Alabama area.
[Audio] Excerpt of the audio loop the transmitter plays when in use. (MP4/M4A format; 31 seconds, 246 kB)
Licenses first issued in 2004.  In October of 2015, the station was reported on the air, broadcasting information for a bridge detour ongoing at the O'Neal Bridge.  It started off on 1670 kHz, then moved to 530 kHz, then in December went back to 1670 kHz.

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