FM Technical Profile: WPLV

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Station Name:
Contemporary Christian
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] North of the Harper community along FL-87.  On River Road, south of the five-way with Avery Olsen and Five Forks Roads.
Power (ERP):
25 kW
Antenna HAAT:
282 feet
328 feet (CP)
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC. (CP)
song/artist K~LOVE
Text-song/artist - K_LOVE
Adult Hits
More Information:
[Facebook] Facebook for the K-Love network
[Image] Image of the RDS text display from a Mazda sedan's radio, showing the PS (station name), PTY (format) and Radio Text fields.
// KLVR Middletown, CA
Educational Media Foundation
95.7 was originally allocated to East Brewton, with the WAFN call letters which came from 104.1. The allocation barely fit - the station was site restricted to an area somewhat north of Brewton/East Brewton, where the signal fell upon mostly woodland animals and the occasional lost hunter. Brewton really couldn't support another station, already hosting WEBJ AM and WKNU FM. It had a 3 year stint with the AAA-tinged WZEW calls before becoming WGCX.
The station later was reallocated to Navarre, halfway between Ft. Walton Beach and Pensacola, Florida, with contemporary Christian music.  The station was co-owned with WVTJ 610 (all-preachers), WNVY 1090 (black gospel) and WZNO 1230 (southern gospel), through the Pensacola Christian Radio organization.
The station dropped longtime WGCX calls for WKFP in August 2009.
As a locally programming religious station, the slogan was "Praise 95.7" but at some point after the call letters changed they opted to pick up the religious K-Love network.
In October 2013 it was announced that Pensacola Christian Radio (as 550 AM, Inc.) had sold the station to K-Love parent Educational Media Foundation (EMF) for $1.75 million.  The station  converted to noncommercial operation, but otherwise remained in the same format. In May 2015 the station received a construction permit to raise antenna height from 282 to 328 feet, adding only a few hundred feet of additional coverage in any one direction.  It also included a slight correction to the transmitter site's coordinates.  In July of 2015 the calls changed from WKFP to WPLV.