FM Technical Profile: WPAP

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Station Name:
92 PAP



Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] On the Washington/Bay county line just went of the Fountain Community.  East of Hammond Lake, south of Owenwood Rd.  Co-located with WYYX-FM and WFSY-FM.

Power (ERP):
100 kW


Antenna HAAT:
919 feet

Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.


PS-song title/artist

WPAP song - artist Panama City's Country
Metro Traffic

"WFLA Panama City"
// W242BF Panama City, FL
// W273DU Panama City, FL

More Information:


[Studio] Street View imagery of the Panama City iHeartMedia cluster's studio facility on Lisenby Road.


Dixie Radio, Inc. put this station on the air in March 1967 as the FM companion to AM 590 WDLP, as WDLP-FM.  At the start it simulcast the AM's Top 40 format, and ran 30 kW from a 10-bay antenna on the AM stick on 15th Street in Panama City.  They must not have had much luck with it, because it was reported silent from October 1968 until at least the end of that year.  While silent, the calls changed to WPAP; when the station came back on it launched a Modern Country format, which it's had ever since. 

The studios moved to 232 Harrison Avenue in Panama City in 1972, the same year that ownership passed to Denver T. Brannen.  A year later the studios moved again, to 210 Harrison Avenue.  A year after that in 1974, the license was transferred to Deltona Broadcasting Company (Frank E Mackle, Jr; Robert F. Mackle, Jr; Barbara Woodward).  Under their ownership, the station was granted an upgrade to 95 kW at 1,230 feet HAAT from the tower facilities listed above, near Frink, Florida.  They installed a Gates FM-20H3 transmitter coupled to a 14-bay Gates FMS-14 antenna.  They also began transmitting a Subsidiary Communication Authorization (SCA) broadcast on 67 kHz. 

Shore Broadcasting bought the station in 1980.  In 1990 ownership was with Southern Broadcasting Companies, Inc, which in turn appears to have been absorbed by Paxson Communications in 1996, which itself was eventually folded into Clear Channel (now iHeart Radio).

The station appears to have added IBOC HD digital broadcasting in the year 2019 or 2020, and began using it to feed a translator for "96 Rock", a format that previously had aired on WDDV 590 AM. That station's towers were knocked down after Hurricane Michael in 2018 and the license was eventually turned in.

In September 2021, the Rock format was discontinued on the HD2 when it was replaced by the WFLA News/Talk format that had previously been on 94.5 MHz WFLF.  iHeart also added a second translator to the simulcast when the talk format moved here.