AM Technical Profile: WNWF

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Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] On Perryman Street (US-84/US-31/AL-12) just east of town near the intersection of Smithwood Heights Road.
Power (ERP):
Day: 1 kW
Night: 177 watts
1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
[Studios] Old WPPG/WEVG studios in Evergreen.
Owned by Andala Enterprises
This station originally had the oh so wonderful WBLO calls [no jokes, please.]  It dates back to the summer of 1957.  After blowing off the WBLO calls the station acquired the WEGN (EverGreeN) calls and was paired up with an upstart FM on 93.3 MHz.  Both the AM and FM appear to have a simulcast country music format at this time.  The calls changed to WIJK calls in May of 1988, along with the FM.  It's not known what format the FM was at this time, but this station was a mix of country and gospel early on, going to all-gospel by the mid-90's and by the year 2000 settling down with an urban adult contemporary format.  At some point through all this, the AM and FM split, and this station may have been simulcast on WTID in Repton for a short time.  By 2002 they were trying out a sports format, with black gospel on Sundays. A year later the calls changed to WPGG, taking on the "Power Pig" country format of their one-time FM companion at 93.3 MHz.  When that station began its move into the Fort Walton Beach market in the Florida panhandle, the Power Pig/country format moved to WTID-FM in Repton in 2008.  That station became WPPG. 

With the loss of the "Power Pig" format, the station flipped to news/talk in late 2008.  The station was noted to be silent in December, 2010, and back on the air in April, 2011, with sports talk again.  In July, the calls changed to WEVG.  The station picked up some content from Sporting News Radio, which changed on 1 August 2011 to Yahoo! Sports Radio.  In November 2012 the station dropped sports for nostalgia/standards as "Legends 1470".  In July 2016 it was announced that Omni Broadcasting would be donating the station to Andala Enterprises (John Ralls, a Pensacola lawyer), which owns WNWF in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  In late July 2016 they changed the calls to WPNS and the format to gospel.  The station filed a Silent STA in January 2017, citing the poor economic conditions in Evergreen.  The station appears to have returned to the air in the early winter of 2017, with a format change pending early in March to news/talk programming.  It's unclear if that format change ever actually occurred, as the station went off the air again sometime in March.

Despite the silent status, the station won a permit to construct a new FM translator in Evergreen on 106.9 MHz.  Oddly, it's licensed to Destin, Florida.  Andala's Destin station, WNWF, has a permit to construct their own translator in Fort Walton Beach and it is mysteriously licensed to Evergreen.  Oops?  The mistake was never corrected and neither translator was ever approved.

To further sow confusion, in December 2018 this station's WPNS call sign went to WNWF in Destin, and that call sign landed here.

Andala Enterprises donated the station for no consideration to Logic Educational Network in mid-September 2019.  John Ralls, who is the principal of Andala, is also the head of Logic Educational Network.  As of the summer of 2021, the station is still off the air, although the studios are now listed as being on Downing Street in Brewton, where WEBJ is located.

In September 2022, the FCC cancelled the license transfer to Logic Education Network, citing 47 CFR 73.3568(a), failure to respond to official correspondence.