AM Technical Profile: WNVY

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Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] [bird's eye] Just east of US 29 in Gonzales, south of CR-184 (Old Chemstrand Road).
Power (ERP):
Day: 15 kW
Night: 28 watts
1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
Owned by Wilkinson Communications Network, Inc.
// W287CU Cantonment, FL
This station traces its origin back to 1955 as 990 AM in Flomaton, Alabama, with the calls WTCB (for Tri-City Broadcasting, eventually it came to mean Takin' Care of Business). Later the calls were WPIK, and at some point they moved to 1090 kHz, with a power increase to 5 kW. This likely happened while still in Flomaton,  They also used the WRBK calls at one time, as well.  The station moved from Flomaton to Century, Florida, just across the state line, where they picked up a nostalgia format.  Around that time they put an FM on at 105.1 MHz, as a simulcast.  The AM and FM may have also given way to all talk for a short time.  The AM also eventually migrated further south, to the Pensacola suburb of Cantonment.
At one point in the late 90's  the station was silent.  The FCC shows the station had the WJBW calls from August 1991 to April 1993, when they changed to WKGT.  The FM was WKGT-FM at the same time.  That only lasted until the end of January 1994, when the station took the WNVY calls from 1230 AM.  The stataion moved from 1090 to 1070 in late 2007, increasing daytime power to 15kW and starting a nighttime service with 28 watts.  When WASG was brought from Atmore to Pensacola, it was co-located with WNVY.  It later moved to Mobile.

The station was awarded a permit for an FM translator companion in January 2018, and it signed on from Pensacola in December 2018.