FM Technical Profile: WNSP

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Station Name:
Sports Talk 105.5
Sports talk
Transmitter Location:
[map] [bird's eye] Just south of the intersection of Baldwin Co. 138 & Alabama 225 near the Crossroads community.
Power (ERP):
5.3 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
348 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
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More Information:
[Picture] Image from an Insignia HD portable showing the RDS PI (call sign) and Radio Text fields.
[Picture] Image from a Radio Shack DX-398 portable showing the RDS PS (station name) field.
Originated in 1965 as WBCA FM, companion of Bay Minette daytimer WBCA AM. Airing easy listening, it became WWSM (Wonderful World of Stereo Music). In the early 70's, it went black with the same calls (which now conveniently meant Wonderful World of Soul Music). The class A signal was too far out of Mobile to have a real impact, even after the tower was moved closer. Aired country for a while, then in 1987 it picked up the WLPR calls and beautiful music format given up by 96.1's format change. Within two years it was again in black format as WMML FM, in LMA with WMML AM. After a brief stint as Christian rock outlet New Life 105, then news talk WNWT (who were the first in the state to air the Don and Mike Show -- Zach), finally settling in as WNSP, all sports formatted with ESPN radio.  In May 2011 it was announced the station was dropping ESPN due to high fees required in a new contract.  The new feed will come from Sporting News Radio. SNR changed branding to Yahoo Sports Radio on 1 August 2011.  In 2013 the station dropped Yahoo for Fox Sports. Paul Finebaum's ESPN-fed new sports shows is to debut in the Mobile market on this station.