FM Technical Profile: WMRK

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Station Name:
Contemporary Christian
Transmitter Location:
[map] Just south of I-85 exit 16 and the Knollwood community.  West of CR-37, off Saint James Church Road.
Power (ERP):
25 kW
Antenna HAAT:
328 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.

PS-K-Love (song/artist)
K-Love (song/artist)
PTY-Adult Hits

HD Increased power: 4%

HD-2: Religious Talk
"AFR Talk"
// W224CR Montgomery

: News, Talk
"Black Information Network"
// W257DS Montgomery
PS-BIN 99.3

More Information:
[Facebook] Facebook for the K-Love network
[Facebook] Facebook for the American Family Association
[Facebook] Facebook for the Black Information Network

[Image] Image showing the WMRK-HD PAD data as decoded from Baldwin County, Alabama.

[Image] RDS display data showing the HD-3's FM translator, as shown on a Mazda OEM stereo, from 2020.

// KLVR Middletown, CA
Scott Communications
This station started out as a very small station on 103.9, licensed to Marion. At first it simulcast WAJO-AM, which later changed to WJAM-AM, playing black contemporary music and community service programs. Later the power was increased, the transmitter moved and the incredibly small town of Orrville became the city of license for this station, which targeted Selma. The format was black adult contemporary / contemporary, and was known as 97 Jamz.
The WJAM callsign can be traced to a small AM station in Marion, where the calls stood for "Judson And Marion", the two colleges in that town. In  May 2004 the station was granted a construction permit to change frequencies from 97.3 to 107.9. This was done to facilitate the upgrade of a station on 97.3 in Birmingham.
In May of 2006 the station was granted a construction permit to re-license and relocate to Shorter, near Montgomery.  As of April 2008, the station is still broadcasting from the old location outside Selma.  Rumors abound that the station will take on the WMRK calls from a co-owned AM in Selma, switching to adult contemporary.  Other rumors seem to swirl around a WACV move to FM, to become Montgomery's first news/talk on FM.  A few weeks after the rumors, the Selma-Times Journal confirmed all the area changes.
WJAM flipped to news/talk in early April, with the new WMRK-FM calls, taken from the AM in Selma.  WMRK simulcast with WACV until November 2009, when the AM changed to oldies, leaving the talk on FM only.  In June 2012 it was revealed that the news/talk format would be moving to a new sign-on at 93.1 (WGMP, Coosada), after the LMA with Bluewater expires.  After the switch, the WGMP calls moved to 1170 and its "Gump" rock format, while those talk-associated WACV calls shifted to 93.1.
On 1 September 2012, through an agreement with Educational Media Foundation, the station changed formats to contemporary Christian music, carrying the non-profit (but for-prophet, ha ha) K-Love network.  In May 2015, EMF announced that they would be leasing the HD-2 of the station to the American Family Association of Tupelo, Mississippi, for $500 a month. The owners filed a digital notification for HD broadcasting in late July, operating just the main channel in HD.  Almost a year later, in June 2016, the station added an HD-3 carrying a gospel/praise format called "Praise 96.5", feeding a translator in town, but with no HD-2.  The HD-2 finally came online in late November or early December 2016, being rebroadcast on a translator at 92.7 MHz in Montgomery.

At the end of August 2020, it was announced that iHeart Media would be leasing a subchannel to feed a local translator with their "Black Information Network" programming.  That debuted on 1 September 2020 on the HD3, feeding a translator at 99.3 MHz.