FM Technical Profile: WLMG

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Station Name:
Magic 101.9
Soft Adult Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Co-located with K28IL in eastern New Orleans, near Tarrytown.  Just off Behman Highway, between and across from Utah and Oregon Streets.
Power (ERP):
99 kW
Beam tilt ERP 100 kW
Antenna HAAT:
984 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.

HD-2: Classic R&B
"Hot 92.9"
PS-(song) (artist) ON MAGIC | WLMG, NEW ORLEANS
[artist, song title] On Soft Rock Magic 101.9 fm
Adult hits
AUX: 25 kW @ 538 feet. 60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
More Information:
[Facebook] For Magic 101.9
[Facebook] For Hot 92.9
[Image] RDS data decoded on Radio Shack DX-398, showing part of the PS (station name) field from October 2015.
[Image] RDS data decoded on an Insignia HD portable, showing the PI (call sign) and Radio Text fields from April 2016.
This station was spawned by clear channel powerhouse WWL AM, and owned by Loyola University of the South.  It came on the air in 1970, playing Beautiful Music as a companion to the AM's Middle-of-the-Road music format.  In the mid-70's, the station attempted a go at Top 40 as "Rampart 102", for the studios located on Rampart Street.  It was unsuccessful against Top 40 powerhouse WTIX, and eventually returned to the sleepy sounds of Beautiful Music for the rest of the decade.

The next attempt to tweak the format came in 1980, when they implemented the "Schulke II" format vocal-heavy Easy Listening.  The station rebanded as "Joy 102", with the WAJY calls.  As the format's popular waned in the 80's, the station eventually moved to a more Adult Contemporary sound, becoming "Magic 102" WLMG (Louisiana's MaGic) in 1987.  Loyola sold their stations to Keymarket Communications in 1989. 

In 1995, the stations were sold to River City Communications; they were acquired by Sinclair Broadcasting in 1996, and then in turn sold to Entercom (formerly CBS Radio) in 1999.

The station was known for being the lightest sound in the New Orleans market (even lighter than a competitor called "Lite 105"!) but that changed in the early part of 2000, when they moved to a more mainstream Adult Contemporary music format.

In 2010, the station installed HD radio equipment and launched a "Love Songs" format on the HD2 subchannel.  That was replaced by Radio Disney in 2017, during the last gasp of life for that children's format.  In 2020, with Radio Disney shut down, the subchannel picked up the Classic R&B "Hot 92.9" format that had been heard on WWWL AM.

Entercom rebranded as Audacy in March 2021.