FM Technical Profile: WKZJ

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Station Name:
Big K
Adult Urban Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] On the west side of AL-165 just north of the Jernigan community.
Power (ERP):
3.4 kW
Antenna HAAT:
876 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
More Information:
[Studio] Street View of the Davis Broadcasting cluster's studio building on Wynnton Road in Columbus.
Davis Broadcasting
Dixie Broadcasting (C. A. McClure) won a construction permit to put on an FM companion to WULA in Eufala in the spring of 1969.  Before the station signed on, the AM and FM permit were transferred to Vogel-Milligan Corporation. 

When the station signed on in 1971 as WULA-FM, it was a Class A signal on 92.7 MHz, with 3 kW of power from just 84 feet Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT), broadcasting from the WULA AM tower on US-431 South in Eufala.  In 1978, station ownership changed to WULA, Inc.  Until 1979, the station simulcast WULA with its mix of Top 40 and Country music programming.  In February 1979 the station's call sign changed to WLAZ and it moved to a mix of Middle-of-the-Road (MOR) and Top 40 music programming while the AM took a different direction. 

The call sign changed to WKQK in April 1981.  Four months later, the AM and FM were sold to McGowan Broadcasting, Inc.  Under their ownership, the station went Top 40 full time. The stations were acquired again in 1985, this time by Lake Eufala Broadcasting for $390,000, who changed the call sign to WULA-FM and moved the format to Adult Contemporary.

In 1997, the AM and FM were split, with this station going to Hatchee Creek Communications, Inc. for $275,000.  They changed the calls to WIOL in 1999, and dropped the Adult Contemporary for Oldies as "The River".  That same year they had signed on a much more powerful signal, with 26 kW from the newer WULA AM tower northwest of Eufala.

The station was granted an upgrade Construction Permit in 2000 to help it compete in the Columbus, Georgia market to the north.  That facility signed on in 2001, and the station flipped to a Classic Rock format as "The River Rocks".  Columbus' Davis Broadcasting bought the station in 2004 for $2.7 million, and in 2005 swapped formats/calls with their north-of-Columbus station on 95.7, bringing its WKZJ calls and Adult Contemporary format here.  At some point after that swap, the format changed to Adult R&B, which it has today.