FM Technical Profile: WKXN

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Station Name:
The Big K-D
Urban Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Right on the southwest corner of the intersection of I-65 and CR-42 (Manningham Road), just south of exit 130 in Greenville.
Power (ERP):
2.1 kW
Antenna HAAT:
562 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
WKXN/WKXK-FM FOR SALES CALL 334-244-6982 OR 334-372-0450
More Information:
[Audio] Station ID exclaiming that the stations serve "More of Alabama than the Governor!" (5 sec., 63 KB, courtesy radio's Paul Walker)
[Studio] Street View imagery of the station's Montgomery studios, in the Bellas Hess Shopping Center, off US-82 in south Montgomery.
// WKXK Pine Hill, AL
// WXKD Brantley, AL
// W231DF Montgomery, AL
// W296DZ Troy, AL
Roscoe Miller
Goes back to at least 1977 on 95.9 MHz. For years this was a top 40 station. It switched to an urban contemporary plus gospel mix and focused on its reach with translator stations one in Troy and up to three in Montgomery and at one point was earning a 3 share in the city strictly on translators! Well, that was until some move-ins came to town and forced some of the translators off the air in 2009.  In late April 2010 the station is focused more on hip-hop and R&B, with the slogan "Power 95.9".   It also simulcasts on Pine Hill-licensed WKXK.  The station picked up a construction permit in May, 2010, for a slight reduction in power coupled with a nice boost in height.  That facility came on the air late in August 2011, with increased coverage towards Montgomery and to the west of Greenville, on 95.7 MHz.  Later the slogan went from "Power 95.9" to "Power 95.7" on both stations, later to "The Big Station".  In late October 2015, morning host and half-owner of Autaugaville Radio Roscoe "Killer Diller" Miller bought out partner Ryan "AJ" Daryanai's share in the Autaugaville Radio Company.  That transfer was finalized in February 2016.  In May 2017 the station became part of a trimulcast with Diller's AM/FM translator combo in Montgomery, and all three stations began being marketed as "The Big K-D".  In the spring of 2020 the station added the former-WEZZ Brantley, which changed calls to WXKD. It feeds a translator in Troy.