AM Technical Profile: DWKXM

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Sports Talk

Transmitter Location:

Power (ERP):
Day: 5 kW
Night: 30 watts

1 tower

Other Information:


Owned by Ad-Media Management Corp.

This station dates back to an original construction permit issued to John Self in February 1965 for a daytime only station on 1300 kHz, licensed to Winfield. The application was originally filed in January 1961 but it appears there were issues with the proposed antenna structure, as well as informal objections from WERH in Hamilton.  A license to cover was filed in August 1965; at sign on the station was authorized 500 watts from a Gates BC-500T transmitter, daytime only operation from a site that appears to be in the 500 block of Bankhead Highway, less than a mile east of downtown Winfield, near the present-day Family Inn motel.  The studios were at the same location.

In 1967, the station was granted a permit to increase power to 1 kW.  A license to cover for that change was filed in April 1967.

By 1975, the station was listed in the Broadcasting Yearbook as having a Country music format.  In December 1975, the station applied to increase power to 5 kW using a CCA AM-5000D transmitter.  The initial application was rejected, but was later granted after supplemental information was provided to the FCC.  A license to cover for that boost in power wasn't granted until October of 1982.

The station was acquired by James Boyd Pate in November 1989 for $142,500. It was around this time the call sign changed to WKXM.  In 1991 Pate was granted a permit for an FM companion on 105.9 MHz with the WKXM-FM call sign. In December 1991, the stations were sold to Maxine Harper's Harper-Mainord Broadcasting for $365,000.  It appears that the station added a small amount of nighttime power 30 watts in 1993.

The station would remain a country music station up until it was reported silent in the summer of 2012.  The license was finally turned in and the record deleted in October 2014.