FM Technical Profile: WKXK

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Station Name:
The Big K-D
Urban Contemporary
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] About a mile north of the Arlington community on CR-11 in far northwestern Wilcox County.
Power (ERP):
41 kW
Antenna HAAT:
535 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
:PS-WKXK-FM REQUEST 284-9896 Time-[?] Text-FOR SALES CALL 334-382-6555 EXT 2 MIKE MORRIS PTY-[?] PI-WKXK-FM
More Information:
[Picture] Image showing the station's RDS data decoded on a radio in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Showing the Radio Text and PI (call sign) fields.
[Audio] Station ID exclaiming that the stations serve "More of Alabama than the Governor!" (5 sec., 63 KB, courtesy Paul Walker)
[Street View] Studio imagery at the WKXN tower site in Greenville.
Roscoe Miller
Although the history of this station dates back to 1996, the station did not sign on until January 2001 due to difficulties in locating a suitable transmission site. It is a relay of WKXN in Greenville.  Together they were marketed as "The Big Station". up until around May of 2017, when Miller began a trimulcast with his Montgomery-area AM/FM translator combo, listing all stations as "The Big K-D".