AM Technical Profile: WKTT

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Transmitter Location:
West of I-65 in Saraland; West of Celeste Road, north of Sara Bayou and Spanish Trace Drive.
Power (ERP):
15 kW days / 430 watts nighttime
Omnidirectional days, directional nights (3 towers)
Other Information:
Licensed to Brantley Broadcasting Associates
This frequency has an interesting history in the Mobile area, going back to the 1980's.  Our Mobile area contributor explains:  WABB once applied to move from 1480 to 1160 kHz, with an offer to donate the 1480 facility to Spring Hill College who were advised not to accept the donation!  They never did move.  Later, Atmore's WASG applied to move from 1140 to 1160, but that never came to fruition, either.  Instead, they moved to 550 (and later, 540) kHz.  All this occurred between roughly 1987 and 1991.
Fast forward to October 2003 and the frequency is applied-for by Brantley Broadcast Associates for a new station.  The facility was granted the call sign WZFN, and it was authorized 15 kW days from one tower and 2.5 kW nights, with a whopping six towers.  The transmitter site would have been just west of I-65, north of Celeste Road near Saraland, behind the small neighborhood along Robert Williams Drive.  The facility was not built out, and eventually Brantley got modified permit through the FCC that moved a site west of Celeste Drive in Saraland, north of Sara Bayou and Spanish Trace Drive.  That facility still had 15 kW days but only 430 watts at night with three towers.  That permit expired, unbuilt, in April 2007.  Brantley would later try to get another AM facility on air in Mobile, this time on 770 kHz in 2007.  It also failed to be built out.