FM Technical Profile: WKOR

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Station Name:
Nash FM
Contemporary Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] [bird's eye] Just east of the Mississippi state line, south of US-82, east of State Line Road.
Power (ERP):
50 kW
Antenna HAAT:
492 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
More Information:
This station was spawned from the now-defunct AM 980 WKOR (King Of Rock) in Starkville.  The FM side came on the air in 1979 with top 40 programming, but also occasionally simulcast the AM's CHR format.  The FM also experimented with album oriented rock, but eventually settled on country in 1992.  Shortly after the change to country, the format and calls migrated to the current frequency.
The 94.9 frequency goes back to a permit for a new station dating back to 1990 to Donald R. DePriest, under the banner of Golden Triangle Radio.  The station was originally assigned the WXZD calls, then later the WKIR calls before ever coming on the air.  It appears that the station never actually came on the air until it took the country format from 92.1 in December of 1992; the calls didn't change until a few months later in May, to WKOR-FM.  The branding during this era was "K 94.9".  That lasted until Cumulus changed it to "Nash FM" in February 2014, part of a company-wide rollout of the Nash branding.