FM Technical Profile: WKLS

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Station Name:
Rock 105.9
Transmitter Location:
[map] Southwest of Rainbow City, east of US-411 (Rainbow Drive) at the end Amy Lane.
Power (ERP):
630 watts
Antenna HAAT:
643 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
HD logo
HD-2: Sports?
"WKLS Sports"
:PS-[?] Time-[?] Text-[?] PTY-[?] PI-WKLS-FM
More Information:
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Williams Communications
This station dates back to an original construction permit issued to Cherokee Broadcasting Corporation for a new Class A FM (as WKYD) signal on 105.9 MHz.  It signed on in 1993 from a site off AL-68, northwest of Centre in Cherokee County, as WRHY.  The format was Country as "Y-106".

Williams Communications, Inc. bought the station in 1999.

In March 2008, the format flipped to Rock as WFXO, simulcasting Ashland-licensed WTXO. 

The calls changed to WKLS in October 2012.  Those calls had previously been on a big Atlanta rock station.  That same year, the station began trying to move to the Gadsden market, first by getting a permit to transmit from a taller antenna site south of Centre, then later by getting a permit to broadcast from the site they use today, south of Rainbow City in Etowah County.  That facility signed on in the summer of 2013, and was re-licensed to the community of Southside.

After moving to the Gadsden area, the station eventually added HD, launching a Sports Talk format on the HD-2 subchannel, which feeds a translator on 97.5 MHz in Gadsden.  ESPN was eventually dropped for a temporary simulcast of their sister station WHMA-FM in the Anniston area.  That gave way to a revamped Sports Talk format on the HD2 as "WKLS Sports".

The translator was purchased by Williams from Shelby Broadcast Associates in the summer of 2019 for $40,000.  At some point in 2020 it appears the Sports Talk was dropped and WHMA was heard on the translator again.