FM Technical Profile: WKCN

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Station Name:
Kissin' 99
Mainstream Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Between Ladonia and Phenix City on US-80, east of Cheney Lane, off Womack Road. Co-located with WFXE.
Power (ERP):
29 kW
Antenna HAAT:
548 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
HD-2: Rock "106.9 Really Rocks"
// W295AY Crystal Valley, GA
HD-3: Hip-Hop "Hip Hop 106.5"
// W293BV Columbus, GA
HD-4: Religious "Radio By Grace"
// W259CA Cuthbert, GA
AUX: 1.1 kW @ 483 feet [60 dBu protected contour map] [map]
More Information:
[Studio] Street View imagery of the PMB Studios on Wynnton Road in Columbus.
[Facebook] Page for "Kissin 99.3"
[Facebook] Page for "106.9 Really Rocks"
[Facebook] Page for "Hip Hop 106.5"
[Facebook] Page for Freedom Radio FM
PMB Broadcasting
A permit was received to build out this station in the early 90's, when it received a call sign of WYAZ.  Before going on air the calls changed to WKCN, in October 1992.  The station signed on officially in May 1993 as "Kissin 99.3" and has been country ever since.
In mid-February 2011, the station received a permit to change facilities and drop power from 50 kW to 29 kW, as well as ditch the directional antenna.  This will improve coverage in Auburn and Valley, while taking away some coverage around Eufaula and Cuthbert, Georgia.  This facility was put on the air in April 2011.
The station has run several HD subchannels, feeding various translators around the Columbus/Phenix City area.  The HD-3 feed was Spanish format called "Unidos 107.7".  The format never gained popularity in the market, and was supposed to be pulled by PMB at the start of 2015.  Eventually they moved the hip-hop from the HD4 to HD3 and killed off the Spanish music.  The HD4 returned in the Spring of 2017, carrying the religious "Freedom Radio FM" format heard on WLOG in Markleysburg, Pennsylvania.  That station and format were eventually killed off, and the programming changed to "Radio By Grace", which is the name of the organization that ran Freedom Radio FM.