TV Technical Profile: WKAB

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Transmitter Location:
Behind the AM's studios, at 525 Donaldson Street in the Toulminville area of Mobile.
Power (ERP):
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
Other Information:
[Story] Alvin Williams of the News and Information About Television and Radio in Southwest Alabama site writes this three part history of Mobile's first TV station, WKAB.
WKAB was a short-lived UHF station, put on the air by Pursley Broadcasting Service, owners of WKAB 840 AM.  It first aired in December, 1952.  Although it beat WALA to air by several weeks, it was doomed due to its UHF allocation, during a time when UHF receivers were not mandatory, and the ones that existed were poor quality.
For more historical info on WKAB, see the story, linked above.
The WKAB calls later found their way to present-day WNCF in Montgomery, in 1964.