FM Technical Profile: WJAQ

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Station Name:
Real Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Off Edgewood Drive, south of US-90 in west Marianna.  Co-located on WTOT-AM's tower.
[map] [street view] South Street, about a half mile east of the intersection of Penn Avenue. (CP)
Power (ERP):
5.9 kW horizontal only
6 kW
Antenna HAAT:
331 feet
315 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC. (CP)
How's the Signal?
The signal's weak over most of Dothan, and is best received from Madrid to I-10 near the Apalachicola River.
More Information:

[Article] From the Jackson County Floridian on the storm damage to the radio station, with pictures.
[Studio] Street View imagery for the station's studio on US-90 in Marianna.
Jackson Radio Group, LLC
ABC's "Real Country" satellite format is used by this station.  Co-owned with Marianna AM & FM combo WTOT.  The license was transferred from MFR, Inc to Jackson Radio Group in April 2015.  In February 2017 a strong line of thunderstorms moved through the area and broke the AM tower that housed the WJAQ antenna in half, forcing the AM and this station off the air.  This station returned to the air from temporary facilities just a few days later.

In mid-May 2019, the station was granted a permit to relocate to a new tower site from the old one off US-90 west of Marianna.