AM Technical Profile: WHOA

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Transmitter Location:
Approx. 1/2 mile west of North Oak Drive, just west of I-65 in Saraland.
Power (ERP):
38,000 watts day, 800 watts night.
3 towers day, 4 towers nights, directional day and night.  Days, lobes to north and south-southeast.  Nights, minor lobe north, major lobe almost due south.
Another Brantley Broadcast Associates success story.  This stillborn facility dates back to an original construction permit first issued in February of 2007, with a complex array of two daytime towers running 13 kW and a four tower nighttime setup running 690 watts, from a site a few miles northwest of Saraland along Celeste Road.  That application was immediately superseded by one that would have run 38 kW days from three towers during the day and 800 watts at night with four towers, from a site closer to Saraland but further west of Celeste Road.  This was the same site the Brantley chose when they (also unsuccessfully) tried to get a station on the air at 1160 kHz, also licensed to Saraland.