AM Historical Profile: WGUD

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Cliff Hunter (as Coastal Cities Broadcasting Company) put this station on the air in 1964 as a 1 kW directional daytime only station with a top 40 format.  The calls were WACY (WACkY?)  The station was co-channel with another station in Baton Rouge, which limited its potential development.  The station spawned an FM outlet on 104.9 MHz (which later moved east to try to compete in the Mobile market) in 1964, too. 

The stations were acquired by Standard Broadcasting, Inc. in 1967.  Around 1970 the calls changed to WCIS.  By the mid-70's, the station was doing country music, separately programming from the FM, which did religious and "modern country".  The station did religious for a short bit in the late 70's, but was back to country by 1980. 

The station was acquired by WGUD, Inc., in 1981.  WGUD was, at the time, an FM on the recently-vacated 106.3 MHz allocation that WACY put on the air in 1964!  Although WGUD kept the country for a bit, they eventually turned it over to the FM outlet and put an urban format here by 1983.  Around this time the calls changed WJKX. 

By about 1987 the station was doing adult contemporary as WGUD (AM) and had dropped one of the towers used for being directional.  They were able to get back to 1 kW as a non-directional daytimer at this time.  The adult contemporary only lasted a few years as music on AM was disappearing in general; the station went news/talk and sports in by 1990. 

The station appears to have disappeared some time in the mid-90's and was no longer listed in any radio directories by 1996.