TV Technical Profile: WGOX-LD

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36.1 - Religious: Life Television Network
Transmitter Location:
[map] Off US-31 in Spanish Fort on the old WKRG-TV tower that houses WBHY-FM.
Power (ERP):
15 kW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
384 feet
Other Information:

[Facebook] For the Life Television Network
[Facebook] For the Word of Life Community Church
Owned By:
Henry W. Roberts Ministries
An organization called Global Outright Ministry Network, Inc., received the original construction permit for this station in April 2003, for a low power analog station on channel 41 in the Panama City area of Florida.  The calls were initially W41CP and the station, which filed a license to cover in 2006, went on the air with religious programming from a site near the community of Laguna Beach, Florida, just west of Panama City Beach.
Within a year of going on the air, Harvest Ministries International took over operation of the station.  They received a permit to upgrade power and increase coverage from a site near Santa Rosa Beach in 2008.  In 2009 they flash cut to digital on channel 43 from a site in Crestview.  In May of 2012 the license was transferred to the Henry W. Roberts Ministries in Mobile and they began an arduous process of moving the station's facility to Baldwin County, first by moving as far west as they could, then in another hop moving west again into far north Santa Rosa County near Berrydale, with a strong directional antenna towards Flomaton.  The final hop allowed them to anchor on the old WKRG-TV tower in Spanish Fort, where they signed in in the third week of April 2017.  The programming appears to be a locally-originated slate of religious programming from the Word of Life Community Church in Chickasaw, Alabama.  At least as of April, the license still lists Crestview, Florida as the city of license, even though the current signal does not cover it at all.

In August 2018, the station received a displacement permit to vacate RF channel 43 for RF channel 36.  That facility was reported on the air in January 2021.