FM Technical Profile: WERH

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Station Name:
Country 92.1
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] Just north of the intersection of  US-43 and Nice Street in Hamilton, on the east side of the highway.
Power (ERP):
3 kW
Antenna HAAT:
121 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
More Information:
[Facebook] Station's official page.
[Facebook] Group page with lots of historical photos and information.

[Studio] Street View of the studios on Highway 43 in Hamilton.
Kate F. Fite
The book, "Alabama's First Broadcast Stations", by Harry Butler says the calls for this station stand for "Where Entertainment Rates High", although it could have stood for Ernest, Rankin and Hugh, members of the Fite family.  The station, spawned from the (now defunct) AM of the same calls, debuted in May 1968.  Since the beginning, it's been a humble class A with just 3,000 watts, from an antenna on the AM tower near the studio on Highway 43. 

It appears that the station has always (or almost always) been programmed separately from the AM, despite them both having a country music for much of recent history.  The FM also mixed in easy listening during some day parts in the 90's.  From the mid-2000s the station transitioned from country to a classic hits format, then to a much wider variety hits format featuring top 40 to country and everything in between as of December 2009.  The station went back to country according to listeners during the first week of July, 2015, with a mix of classic and contemporary country music. 

During the last few weeks of April 2017, the station ownership announced on their Facebook page that they could no longer continue to operate the station for unspecified reasons, and shut the station down on 1 May 2017.  It's rumored a local bank has bought the station, but no concrete details have been announced yet.  A Silent STA was filed on 24 May 2017, citing only "equipment problems".

The station's studio and transmitter site were demolished at some point, most likely in the summer of 2018.  As the station has remained off beyond the date of their STA the license will automatically be deleted by the FCC.  That occurred in mid-March 2019.