AM Technical Profile: WDNG

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Classic Rock
Transmitter Location:
[map] [bird's eye] [street view] Between W 15th and W 16th Streets, off Crawford Avenue, in Anniston.
Power (ERP):
Day and night: 1 kW
1 tower
Other Information:
0.5 mV/m Daytime Groundwave Service Contour from the FCC's Public Files
[Facebook] For 95.1 The Mountain
[Aircheck] Audio of the flip from News/Talk to Classic Hits, from 6 August 2018.
[Studio] Street View imagery of the station's Leighton Avenue studios in Anniston.
// W236CQ Anniston
Owned by Stocks Broadcasting
Part of the Anniston switcharoo, this station was once WHMA, before it moved to 1390.  It appears to have come on in Anniston in 1938 according to an old copy of the Radio Annual.  The history actually goes further back, to 1929 as WFDW Talladega, on 1420 kHz, making it one of the oldest stations in the state. Another source points to the calls and frequency moving to Anniston in 1931, with calls changing to WAMC in 1934 and then WHMA in 1941, wherein it moved to 1450 kHz.
Around 1959 the WHMA calls migrated to 1390 kHz and this station became "new" with WDNG for calls. In recent times they were country, but recently picked up a strong lineup of talk show hosts when they went all talk and news.
In October 2013 it was revealed that one of the partners in the station's ownership (as "WDNG, Inc."), Francis DiPietro, had failed to pay the IRS taxes on the station from 2009 to 2013. The other partner, Charles Fuller, paid the back taxes from his personal account to keep the station going. As repayment, a representative of DiPietro (who was convicted for theft of property) has transferred all ownership to Fuller in exchange for the IRS payments, totaling over $64,000. In January 2015, Charles Fuller passed away, willing the station to Charlene Fuller Gossett.
Near the end of January 2016 this station was granted a construction permit for a minor update to the coordinates of the transmitter site.  The previously listed coordinates on file with the FCC dated back to the station's construction in 1938 and were inaccurate by nearly 1,000 feet.  This site already had the correct coordinates and street view imagery, so no changes needed to be made.  In April 2016 the station purchased an unbuilt translator in the Talladega area and was permitted to move it to Anniston to rebroadcast the station.  That facility came on the air in early December, 2016.

The station flipped to a locally-programmed and community-oriented Classic Hits and Adult Contemporary format as "My 95" on 6 August 2018.  The station is being run by Stocks Broadcasting (Adam and Karen Stocks), who also owns WFHK in Pell City ("94.1 The River").  They agreed to buy the station outright in October 2018, for $130,000.

In April 2021 they announced that the format would be flipping to Classic Rock on 24 April 2021, as "95.1 The Mountain".