FM Technical Profile: WDBT

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Station Name:
The Voice of the Wiregrass
Talk, News
Transmitter Location:
[map] On CR-9 just south of the Newton city limits.
Power (ERP):
25 kW
Antenna HAAT:
701 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
Text-NEWS TALK 103.9
HD-2: Adult Contemporary
"Music 107.7"
// W299BX Dothan, AL
More Information:
[Image] Image of a radio's display showing the generic album art and missing PAD data for the HD-2 subchannel as of May 2018.

[Studio] Street View imagery of the Gulf South studios on US-231 in Dothan.
[Facebook] For Music 107.7
Gulf South Communications
Started out as WNER in 1989, when it was owned by Wesley R. Morgan.  The station was sold in 1990 to Sunrise Broadcast Corp, and the calls changed to WQLS. The station went through several more ownership changes and wound up under Jimmy Jarrell, who changed the calls to WJRL.  Under Jarrell the station had a classic country music format, as "Real Country 103.9".  In 2002 the station was sold to Styles Broadcasting, who later became Magic Broadcasting.  In 2004 the station had a stint as classic rock, "Thunder 103.9" which lasted a few years until the flip to adult hits "My 103.9".
Was licensed to Fort Rucker, then changed COL to Ozark.  As of March 2009 has a CP to change back to Fort Rucker for some reason.  On April 1nd 2009 the station began stunting with AC/DC's "For Those About To Rock", then flipped to a rock-based format the next day as "The Edge".  Officially re-re-licensed to Fort Rucker in early May 2009.  By October, the station was doing sports with ESPN programming.  Fast-forward to September 2010 and rumors are again circulating that the station will return to rock at some point.  Those rumors proved to be true as rock debuted (for the second time) on the 3rd of September, 2010.  Formerly a Magic Broadcasting property, it was sold in 2011 to Alabama Media in a complicated deal involving Gulf South Broadcasting.  Members of the Holladay family are involved in both Gulf South and Alabama Media.  Around the third week of January 2013 the rock format migrated over to WLDA, which formerly was urban "The Beat" and WJRL went silent.  Shortly thereafter the WJRL calls moved to 100.5 and this station took the WLDA calls.
WLDA is being reported back on the air with an all-Garth Brooks stunting format as of early March 2014.  In November 2014 the station was able to secure a permit to change from a class C3 to a C2 as part of a series of moves involving other Dothan radio stations.  This will allow a height increase, which will benefit coverage of the Wiregrass region.  As of February 2015 the stunting is over but it's unclear exactly what the new format is.
As part of a shuffle of Dothan area radio stations, this frequency took on the news/talk format and calls of 93.7 WDBT on 12 October 2015.  93.7 MHz became WLDA and went silent in preparation to move to 93.5 MHz from a site near Montgomery.  Andalusia's WAAO swapped from 103.7 MHz to 93.7 MHz as part of this change.  One benefit to the station from all this shuffling was the ability to boost the coverage area after all the other changes were made, in the fall of 2016.

The station appears to have added HD digital broadcasting in the winter of 2018, and in May it was observed to be running a second channel what what appeared to be a general hits format of music, possibly filler until something else launches.  That "something else" was an Adult Contemporary format to go up against WOOF-FM, which launched in March 2019 as "Music 107.7", airing on translator W299BX in Dothan, which had previously been relaying local AM WARB, which is owned by another Holladay family member.