AM Technical Profile: WBOJ

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Classic Hits
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view] [google aerial] Just east of the intersection of Ingersoll Road and US-280 in Phenix City.
Power (ERP):
Day: 5 kW
Night: 237 watts
1 tower
Other Information:
// W237CW Columbus, GA
Owned by 88.5 The Truth, Inc.
1270 came on around 1947.  In the late 60's / early 70's was WGBA (Where Georgia Borders Alabama ain't that cute?) The station had a country format. At one time had WGBA FM on 107.3, which later became WCGQ.
Prior to March 1994 the station was WHYD, but from then until May 1997 the calls were WTMQ.  From May 1997 to February 2004 the station was WMLF, and from February 2004 onwards the calls are now WSHE, with southern gospel.
Since August 2008, this station was in the Aloha Trust, a holding company for Clear Channel stations that couldn't be a part of local clusters due to ownership caps.  In October 2013, the station was donated to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council's MMTC Broadcasting, LLC.  MMTC planned to use this station as a test-bed and training facility for future owners and operators, but pressure on Clear Channel to finally divest all its Aloha Trust stations led to a sale to local operator "88.5 The Truth, Inc."  That refers to Lumpkin-licensed WBOJ, a noncommercial Christian station partly owned by the Page family.  The Pages also have a stake in PMB Broadcasting, which has five commercial stations in the Columbus market.  The station flipped to a southern gospel format until July 2014, when it flipped to Fox Sports Radio.  Shortly afterwards the calls changed from WSHE to WZCG.  The calls changed again, to WBOJ, after those calls were vacated by the 88.5 mentioned earlier.  It appears that the station dropped Fox Sports when the WBOJ calls arrived, and the station picked up the displaced Unidos Regional Mexican format from an HD3/translator combo in the area. 
In April 2016 the station was paired with a moved-in translator from Dawson, Georgia, W237CW, on 102.5 MHz.  With this pairing, the format has flipped to classic country and is marketed as "Kissin' Country Legends", to pair with PMB's "Kissin 99.3" contemporary country station.  In mid-August 2016, the format of this station swapped with 95.3 WRLD, bringing the "Boomer" classic hits format here and moving the classic country to that bigger frequency.
The station received a construction permit to relocate to the old WIOL (AM) site in Phenix City in mid-June 2017.  It went on the air in December, 2017.