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Station Name:
The Life FM


Southern Gospel

Transmitter Location:
[map] In the absolute middle of nowhere, east of AL-259 on CR-20.

Power (ERP):
26 kW


Antenna HAAT:
177 feet

Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.

More Information:

[Wikipedia] For The Life FM network
[Facebook] Page for The Life FM network

// WUBK, Enoree, SC

The Power Foundation

This station's license to cover came around in early December 2012, but it dates back to a construction permit issued back in July of 2008.  Benny Newton (the calls probably stood for Benny Newton Broadcasting) had won the original construction permit, but wound up selling the permit just before it expired to The Power Foundation for $1.  Newton had planned the station as "The Equality Broadcasting Network", which he later put on an LPFM in Montgomery.

Under The Power Foundation's ownership, the station debuted with southern gospel under the nickname "The Life FM".  In late April 2014 the station received a construction permit for a considerable power increase from the original 750 watts at 180 feet HAAT.  That permit was built out and put on the air, with a license to cover filed in early February 2015.