FM Technical Profile: WBHJ

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Station Name:
95-7 Jamz
Transmitter Location:
Red Mountain, just off Ishkooda Rd.
Power (ERP):
12.2 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
1,004 feet.
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
PS-95.7 JAMZ (artist/song)
Now playing (song/artist) on 95.7 Jamz

HD-2: Black Gospel "Heaven 610"
// WAGG Birmingham
// W271BN Birmingham

// W256CD Fultondale
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More Information:
[Facebook] For 95-7 Jamz
[Facebook] For the WAY FM network

[Image] RDS display data for the HD-3's FM translator, as shown on a Mazda OEM stereo, from 2020.
[Image] RDS display from a GMC Yukon's radio, from 2012.
[Image] RDS display from an Insignia HD portable in northwest Alabama, showing the Radio Text and PI (call sign) fields.

[Image] HD-2 display from a Polk HD radio.
[Image] HD-3 display showing no PAD data on a Polk HD radio.

[Image] HD-1 PAD data with station logo, as shown on a Mazda OEM stereo, from 2020.

[Studio] Street View imagery of the building housing the SummitMedia studios off Highway 280 in Hoover.
J. S. Kelly, LLC
Was originally a Tuscaloosa station, with transmitter on 15th Street across from Taco Casa. Came on the air in 1958 as WTBC, companion to WTBC-AM 1230. Later had a separate identity as WUOA (University of Alabama), as an Adult Contemporary station. As WTBC-FM, the station was just a placeholder for the AM station, playing a stack of Middle-of-the-Road (MOR) format LP's on a turntable. A contributor who worked at WTBC-AM notes that when the stack of records was finished, it just started playing over! Station IDs weren't done regularly as they were done by the AM jocks, who often forgot. The program director would go live for a few hours each night and was probably the only live person on the air daily.  Later, changed calls to WFFX (The Fox) and added a more upbeat Adult Contemporary format.

Shortly before moving to the Birmingham market, the station went Modern Rock. It was during that period the transmitter moved to a taller tower near Vance, where it eventually became
Hip-Hop Jamz in July 1996.
In June 2005 the station completed a move to boost its signal in the Birmingham market by getting re-licensed to the Birmingham suburb of Midfield and moving their transmitter site from rural Bibb County (near Vance) to the Red Mountain, where the other high-power Birmingham stations are located.  Although they've had to reduce their power from 100kW to just 12.2kW, the in-town location will provide a good signal to listeners in the immediate area. The move has been made just in time as they now have competition from "Hot 107.7", formerly a rock station, with a much bigger signal in and out of the metro area.
The station, along with all other Cox radio stations in Birmingham, were put up for sale in the summer of 2012.  They eventually sold to SummitMedia and the deal closed in 2013.  In September of that year, the morning show (Roy Wood, Nu York and B. Money) was terminated while the host was in Los Angeles filming a television program.  He and the others found out about it via social networking.  In November 2012 the station's HD broadcasts resumed, adding Contemporary Christian-themed WAY-FM to its HD-2 subchannel.  WAY-FM is being heard on Birmingham translator W210CA, at 89.9 MHz.

In June 2021, Way Media purchased W256CD (iHeart's "Alt 99.1" Rock format) from Red Mountain Ventures for $350,000.  The sale closed in November 2021, and the translator began broadcasting WAY-FM on 12 November 2021.

In July 2022, it was reported that the original WAY-FM translator at 89.9 was removed from the lineup, changing to a Spanish Christian music network out of Texas, fed by a station in Evansville, Indiana.