AM History Profile: WAUL

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This facility was never built out.  A construction permit for a new station on 1030 kHz licensed to Brantley was first granted in early 1997, with the WLVN calls.  It would have transmitted from a site just south of the town of Luverne on US-29.  In an unusual configuration, it would have run 400 watts days and 5 kW nights.  The calls changed multiple times in 1997: first to WAUL, then to KAWG (!) then back to WAUL all within the course of a month.  The original construction permit was extended in 1998, but it was never built out; Brantley Broadcast Associates tried to get a modification pushed through in 1999 that would have relocated the transmitter site to a site along US-331, about halfway between Montgomery and Highland Home, but it was dismissed.  The power would have been a full 50 kW, with 400 watts at night.  Brantley tried once more (in 2000) to get the license re-activated by filing to move the facility to Wetumpka with 50 kW days and 2.9 kW nights, but it was also rejected.  The FCC permanently deleted the record in December, 2001.