TV Technical Profile: WALE-LD

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17.1 - True Crime Network
17.2 - Laff
17.3 - CourtTV Mystery
17.4 - Jewelry TV
17.5 - Movies!
17.6 -
Heroes & Icons
17.7 - Comet
Transmitter Location:
[map] [street view | alternate view] Located in midtown Montgomery along Adrian Lane at the WCOV-TV studios.
Power (ERP):
15 kW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
637 feet
Other Information:

Owned by Allen Media Group
This station started off as a new digital low power construction, initially assigned the W17DX-D calls.  It's owned by Woods Communications, which also owns WCOV TV, and transmits from the old WCOV tower at the station's studios in town.  The station appears to have come on in June or July of 2015, when it took on the WALE-LD calls.

It was announced in December 2021 that Woods Communications would be selling their Montgomery properties to Byron Allen's Allen Media Group for $28.5 million.  Allen owns several cable channels, broadcast stations and other media properties.