AM History Profile: WACD

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Alexander City Broadcasting (Gerald Allen, Dudley Davis and William Causey) was granted a construction permit for a new station in June 1974.  It went on the air in the spring of 1976 with 1 kW days-only, using a Harris MW-1 transmitter located at the northernmost end of I Street just outside the northern limits of Alexander City.  The call sign was WACD, which may have stood for the names of the owners: Allen, Causey and Davis.  Studios were at 517 Cherokee Road.  (Later, the studios appear to have moved to 908 Cherokee Road, which later became home to an LPFM station.)

In the beginning, the format was Adult Contemporary, but by 1979 it was a Mutual-affiliated Country music outlet that also was heavy on agricultural information and news. 

WACD was given to Central Alabama Community College in 1991, and they kept the mix of news and country music.  A year later, it was silent and deleted from FCC Records. 

The WACD tower [satellite view] still stands in a heavily-wooded area just north of town, near the intersection of I and Ann Streets, near a cell phone tower.