FM Technical Profile: WTID

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Station Name:
Kowliga Country
Transmitter Location:
[map] Just outside the Thomaston city limits to the south, west of AL-25, behind AL Johnson High School.
Power (ERP):
500 watts
Antenna HAAT:
46 feet
Other Information:
60 dBu protected contour map, from the FCC.
// WKGA-FM Goodwater
More Information:
Great South Wireless
This is a tiny station with a long list of call letters.  It started out as WAYI, on 97.7 MHz back in the late 90's.  The station fell silent in 2002 and wasn't back on until 2003, then was off again in short order in May 2003.  Great South Wireless acquired the station in 2003, and while still silent changed the calls to WSMO.  The station barely made it back on the air again before the license was revoked, only to go off again a short period of time later.  During this third silent period, the station changed hands (within the same company, apparently) and changed calls several times:  to WEZZ, then WKGA, then WZLM.  Finally in 2008 the station grabbed the WTID calls, which resided for a long time on a Tuscaloosa station.  The station is still listed as silent according to the FCC, dating back to June 2009, citing issues getting power from the power company to the transmitter site.  The station was found to be still silent, or silent again, in February 2015.
The station received a construction permit to move to 103.9 MHz in August 2008, and the station returned to the air in March 2009.  As part of a shuffling of Great South and other black belt regional stations, WTID received a construction permit to relocate and re-license to Orrville, which would have brought Selma's WMRK to Thomaston, but this was either cancelled or allowed to expire without being built out.
In early March 2010, the station received another construction permit to boost power from their existing 30 foot tower.  The station would have increased power from 500 watts, to a very oddball setup of 6,300 watts horizontal and 1,260 watts vertical.  In February 2012 the station received a modification to that permit to increase to an even 7 kW H/V, at a much taller antenna HAAT of 287 feet, located on an existing tower south of Thomaston off Highway 25.  That permit was cancelled in February 2012.

The station's license was deleted, along with several other Great South/Valleydale stations, in late February 2018.