AM Technical Profile: CMBQ

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Instrumental Music, News, Cultural Bulletins, Interviews
Transmitter Location:
[map] Located in Villa Marķa, in the borough of Guanabacoa, in the eastern part of La Habana, on Loma de la Cotorra (Parrot Hill).  Triplexed with Radio Metropolitana on 910 kHz and Radio Cadena Habana on 1080 kHz.
Power (ERP):
Day & night: 10 kW
Other Information:
[EcuRed] Information and history of the station from the Cuban equivalent of Wikipedia. (In Spanish)
[Image] Panaramio-based image of the transmitter tower in Havana. 
Radio Enciclopedia itself dates back to 1962, a product of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, the government-run entity that controls all broadcasts on TV and Radio in the country.  The FM version of the broadcast was the first to be in stereo in Cuba, in 1978.  That same year, the station switched from all live to recorded music.  Because of its low dial position and lack of US-based broadcasts on this frequency, it's available day and night along Gulf Coast beaches, and at night across much of the southern United States.  The station is easy to pick out thanks to a penchant for 'classic' sounding instrumental music and soft-spoken announcers.